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Our Path Forward.

Wisconsinites are far more than their party affiliation—Republican or Democrat—they are people with shared values facing pressing challenges every day.

Jodi knows that our community doesn't need another politician playing the party lines, we need a leader who will take action and build a coalition to better our lives and the lives of our children. 

It's time to get the Senate back to work for the people of Wisconsin. 



Jodi's Stance:

Protecting Reproductive Health Care 

Jodi knows that reproductive rights are human rights and that decisions about pregnancy and healthcare should be made between a woman and her doctor, not politicians in Madison. Jodi will vote to repeal Wisconsin's 1849 abortion ban and expand affordable reproductive healthcare access across Wisconsin.

Lowering Health Care Costs

Everyone should be able to receive medical care without financial hardship. Jodi will work to expand access to healthcare and drive down prices for Wisconsinites across the state.

Supporting Safe Communities

The safety of our community starts at the local level. Jodi will advocate to fund community and law enforcement programs that uplift our communities and curb crime. Jodi knows that the foundation for safe communities is a just legal system, and she will work to make our systems and processes fairer for all Wisconsinites.

Safeguarding Wisconsin’s Environment

Jodi has spent her career building coalitions to protect our natural resources and preserve our environment for generations to come. In Madison, she will continue to serve as an environmental champion, working to ensure our kids and grandkids have a clean and sustainable future.

Safe, High-Quality Education

We have a responsibility to provide safe, well-resourced schools and educational opportunities to Wisconsin families. Jodi will actively work with her colleagues in the state legislature to fully fund our schools, keep classrooms and students safe, and ensure educators and faculty have the support they need to provide world-class education to our kids.

Growing Wisconsin’s Economy.

As a business owner, Jodi knows what it takes to grow our local economy, combat rising costs and keep jobs right here in Wisconsin. That is why she will build on her decades of experience to collaborate with business owners and workers to ensure our economy is working for every Wisconsinite.

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