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Shepherd Express Endorses Jodi Habush Sinykin for State Senate

The Shepherd Express has enthusiastically endorsed Jodi Habush Sinykin for State Senate to represent the District 8. (See the full endorsement)

"Jodi Habush Sinykin would be a fresh start for the residents of this state senate district. She is strongly pro-choice on women’s reproductive issues which is in sync with both her district and the majority of people in Wisconsin," wrote the Shepherd Express. "Habush Sinykin was born and raised in the district. Left for college and then Harvard Law School. She declined the highly paid opportunities to join the Wall Street and other East Coast law firms to instead return to Wisconsin to focus primarily on public interest legal work."

The publication called Habush Sinykin a "consensus and coalition builder," citing her experience working on policy issues in Madison.

"Her legal positions often had her at the Capitol working both sides of the aisle. She worked on numerous issues but was most recognized for her work on environmental issues and humane animal treatment. Habush Sinykin was absolutely instrumental in securing Wisconsin’s support for the Great Lakes Compact, which was an international agreement with the U.S. Great Lakes states and Canadian provinces. This was once in a generation legislation that will protect our freshwater for generations to come."

The Shepherd Express also recognized her efforts to protect animals -- passing the Puppy Mill Law, which ended the inhumane treatment by the owners of the then unregulated breeding operations in Wisconsin.

"If elected, beside fighting for women’s reproductive choice, environmental protections and humane animal treatment, Habush Sinykin would also focus on safe communities by fighting for more state shared revenues to adequately fund our local law enforcement, which would lessen that burden on the property tax. She will also focus on the state’s economy. She has been a business owner and understands what small businesses need to flourish. Jodi would work across the aisle to develop legislation that would be bipartisan so it can pass both chambers of the legislation and also be signed into law by the governor. She is definitely not interested in posturing, instead she wants to see results that improve the lives of Wisconsinites."

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